Union of the
The Medical Specialty for Communication and Swallowing Disorders


Position Statement of the Union of European Phoniatricians (UEP): Fees and Phoniatricians’ Role in Multidisciplinary and Multiprofessional Dysphagia Management Team

Doris-Maria Denk-LinnertDaniele FarnetiTadeus NawkaAntoinette am Zehnhoff-DinnesenMieke MoermanPatrick ZorowkaMohamed FarahatAntonio Schindler & Ahmed Geneid 


A Survey on the Global Status of Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening

Katrin Neumann, MD, Harald A. Euler, PhD, Shelly Chadha, MD, Karl R. White, PhD
The International Newborn and Infant Hearing Screening (NIHS) Group4


Newborn Hearing Screening Benefits Children, but Global Disparities Persist

Katrin Neumann, Philipp Mathmann , Shelly Chadha, Harald A. Euler and Karl R. White


Recommendation by the Union of European Phoniatricians UEP: Standardizing Voice Area Measurement/Phonetography

H.K Schutte, W. Seidner


Union of the European Phoniatricians’ position statement on the exit strategy of phoniatric and laryngological services: staying safe and getting back to normal after the peak of coronavirus disease 2019 (issued on 25th May 2020)

A Geneid, T Nawka, A Schindler, H Oguz, V Chrobok, O Calcinoni, A am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, K Neumann, M Farahat, T Abou-Elsaad, M Moerman, E Chavez, J Fishman, R Yazaki, B Arnold, Z Frajkova, S Graf, C Pflug, J Drsata, G Desuter, C Samuelsson, M Tedla, D Costello, E Sjögren, M Hess, T Kinnari1 and J Rubin


‘Malregulative’ Rather Than ‘Functional’ Dysphonia: A New Etiological Terminology Framework for Phonation Disorders—A Position Paper by the Union of European Phoniatricians (UEP)

Tamás Hacki , Mieke Moerman , John S Rubin


Voice rest and sick leave after phonosurgical procedures: surveys among European laryngologists and phoniatricians

Heikki Rihkanen & Ahmed Geneid


Infection control, hand hygiene practice and PPE use among phoniatricians and ENT specialists during the COVID-19 pandemic, a UEP survey

Mariam S. Shadi, Ahmed Geneid, John S. Rubin & Reham Abdelwakil Ibrahim


Phoniatricians and otorhinolaryngologists approaching oropharyngeal dysphagia: an update on FEES

Antonio Schindler, Laura W. J. Baijens, Ahmed Geneid & Nicole Pizzorni


Adjustment of Health-Care Service Delivery Among Phoniatricians and ENT Specialists During the COVID-19 Pandemic, A UEP Survey

Mariam S. Shadi , John S. Rubin , Ahmed Geneid , Elham Magdy , Reham Abdelwakil Ibrahim


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