Union of the
The Medical Specialty for Communication and Swallowing Disorders


Congresses have been organized regularly all over Europe since 1971 to enforce scientific relations and promote the speciality of phoniatrics and the professional conditions of phoniatricians.

2023 XXX
Antalya, Turkiye

2018 XXIX
Helsinki, Finland

Congress president: Prof. Ahmed Geneid
Main topics:

  • Phoniatrics: The medical specialty of communication and swallowing

Bilbao, Spain

Congress president: Susana Ruiz and Ana Martínez - In cooperation with the annual meeting of the Spanish Medical Association of Phoniatrics (SOMEF)
Main topics:

  • Phoniatrics and Communication

2014 XXVII
Moscow, Russia

Congress president: Ekaterina Osipenko - In cooperation with the annual meeting of the Phoniatricians Sections of the Russian Otorhinolaryngological Society
Main topics:

  • Phoniatrics - An interdisciplinary speciality

2011 XXVI
Lund, Sweden

Congress president: Lucyna Schalen - In cooperation with the annual meeting of the Swedish Phoniatric Society
Main topics:

  • Examination and treatment in phoniatrics, today and tomorrow

2008 XXV
Poznan, Poland

Congress president: Prof. Andrzej Obrebowski - In cooperation with the 3rd Conference of Phoniatric Section and Audiologic Section of the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and the 7th Conference Acoustics in Audiology and Phoniatrics
Main topics:

  • Acoustics in Phoniatrics and Audiology
  • Professional voice and hearing disorders
  • Phonosurgery

2005 XXIV
Berlin, Germany

Congress president: M. Gross - In cooperation with the annual congress of the German Society of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology
Main topics:

  • Genetics of communication

2003 XXIII
Toulouse, France

Congress president: Virginie Woisard - In cooperation with the European Study Group for Dysphagia and Globus, organized by the "Société Francaise de Phoniatrie"
Main topics:

  • Around dysphagia dysarthria dysphonia

2001 XXII
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Congress president: W.Behrendt - In cooperation with the annual congress of the German Society of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology
Main topics:

  • Language acquisition
  • Sleep medicine

1999 XXI
Lucerne, Switzerland

Congress president: L. Giger
Main topics:

  • Technical aids in phoniatrics

1997 XX
Budapest, Hungary

Congress president: L. Pataki
Main topics:

  • Voice, speech and swallowing after surgery
  • Hearing loss and its management including cochlear implant
  • Singing voice

1996 IXX
Kreischa/Dresden, Germany

Congress president: J.-G. Heidelbach
Main topics:

  • Postoperative dysphonia
  • In cooperation with the annual congress of the German Society of Phoniatrics and Pedaudiology

1993 XVIII
Prague, Czechia

Congress president: A. Novák
Main topics:

  • Disfluency speech disorders
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Phoniatrics and linguistics

1991 XVII
Kiev, Ukrainia

Congress president: Y. St. Wasilenko
Main topics:

  • Present-day aspects of phoniatric therapy
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Cooperation between Singing pedagogics and phoniatricians

1990 XVI
Salsomaggiore, Italy

Congress president: O. Schindler
Main topics:

  • Aging and communication
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Non-verbal communication

1988 XV
Erlangen, Germany (FRG)

Congress president: G. Kittel
Main topics:

  • Objective and semiobjective methods of examination
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Vibratory patterns of the vocal folds under pathological conditions
  • Proposals for the 10th revision of the International Classification of
  • Diseases and Injuries (ICD 10, WHO)

1987 XIV
Dresden, Germany (GDR)

Congress president: J.-G. Heidelbach
Main topics:

  • Mistakes and risks of medical interventions with phoniatric consequences
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Morbidity, epidemiology and systematics in phoniatrics

1986 XIII
Vienna, Austria

Congress president: F. Frank
Main topics:

  • Current essentials of endocrinology related to phoniatrics
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Optics in phoniatrics

1985 XII
Poznan, Poland

Congress president: A. Pruszewicz
Main topics:

  • Phoniatric aspects in neurological and psychiatrc diagnoses
  • Post-graduate Course
  • The present state and developmental prospects of child audiology

1984 XI
Salamanca, Spain

Congress president: J. Perelló
Main topics:

  • Relation between rehabilitation and phoniatrics
  • Boundaries between psychology and phoniatrics
  • Standardization of documentation of voice examination

1982 X
Prague, Czechoslovakia

Congress president: K. Sedlácek
Main topics:

  • Speech development and its disorders
  • Compensatory voice mechanism
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Speech development and its disorders

1981 IX
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Congress president: C.I.E. Jansen
Main topics:

  • Phoneme discrimination, development and pathology in the child
  • Aerodynamic measures in voice production
  • Acute deterioration of the professional voice: phoniatric aspects
  • Post-graduate Course
  • Phonology

1979 VIII
Köszeg, Hungary

Congress president: J. Hirschberg
Main topics:

  • Prevention, prophylaxis in phoniatrics
  • Documentation in practice (endeavor to standardization)
  • Hoarseness (definition, pathomechanism, classification, diagnosis, acoustic parameters)
  • Phoniatric tasks in the complex care of cleft palate patients

1978 VII
Jyväskylä, Finland

Congress president: A. Sonninen
Main topics:

  • Motor coordination of speech
  • Baby cry
  • Expert opinions in phoniatrics
  • Audio-phoniatric centers
  • Training in phoniatrics

1977 VI
Weimar, Germany (GDR)

Congress president: J. Wendler
Main topics:

  • Phoniatrics in medical care
  • The application of instruments in phoniatrics (a critical review)
  • Expert opinions in phoniatrics

1976 V
Paris, France

Congress president: M. Yana
Main topics:

  • After five years, results of our association
  • Rehabilitation after accident or surgical treatment concerning the voice
  • Promotion of phoniatrics
  • Relations of the UEP with the societies concerned with audiophonology

1975 IV
Wroclaw, Poland

Congress president: L. Handzel
Main topics:

  • Nature of phoniatrics
  • Education of the phoniatrician
  • Parameters of spectral analysis
  • Informatics in phoniatrics
  • Terminology of phoniatrics
  • Acoustics of the perception process
  • Acoustic of the expression process

1974 III
Padova, Italy

Congress president: L. Croatto
Main topics:

  • Definition and present situation of logopedics
  • Terminology of phoniatrics
  • The training of the phoniatrician
  • Definition and characteristics of phoniatrics
  • The phoniatric team and its part in the rehabilitation of deaf children

1973 II
Prague, Czechoslovakia

Congress president: E. Sedlácková
Main topics:

  • Terminology in phoniatrics
  • Minimal staff and instrument equipment of a phoniatric department
  • The education of the phoniatrician
  • The parameters of apparatuses used in phoniatrics
  • The historical development of phoniatrics

1972 I
Mainz, Germany (FRG)

Congress president: P. Biesalski
Main topics:

  • Terminology in phoniatrics
  • Definition, position, and developments of logopedics
  • Instruments of the phoniatrician
  • The education of the phoniatrician
  • By-laws of the Union
  • The audiological sphere of action of the phoniatrician

Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Congress president: D. Cvejic
Main topics:

  • Foundation
  • Definition of phoniatrics
  • Board election

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