Union of the
The Medical Specialty for Communication and Swallowing Disorders

phoniatrical aspects of medical disorders


Barbara Maciejewska, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department and Clinic of Phoniatrics and Audiology,
Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland


Members of the committee

Paola Díaz Borrego, PhD, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, Phoniatrician

Rehabilitation Department, Phoniatric and Oropharyngeal Dysphagia Unit

Virgen Macarena University Hospital, Seville (Spain)

Anna Reetz-Kolasińska, M.D.

Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Head & Neck Surgery and ENT Oncology Clinic

Greater Poland Cancer Center Poznań

Seher Sirin, PhD, M.D.

Kocaeli Universitesi Uygulama ve Arastırma Hastanesi

Umuttepe Yerleskesi

41000, Izmit, Kocalei, Turkey

The aim of committee:

- to promote the phoniatry as a medical discipline

- to demonstrate the usefulness of phoniatrists in the diagnostic process

- to create recommendations for various medical branches indicating when a phoniatric consultation may be helpful (recommendations for rheumatology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, pediatrics, stomatology, rehabilitation)

Activities of the Committee

  • 6 meetings in 2023
  • Members are preaparing description of various diseases and their links to phoniatrics.

Discipline of interest:

Paola Diaz Borrego- neonatology/pediatrics

Anna Kolasińska - Reetz – oncology/heamathology

Seher Sirin – endocrinology

Barbara Maciejewska – neurology/audiology

  • We have a few described such as Alzheimer's disease, cleft palate, miasthenia, Parkinson's, hypothyroidism.
  • The diseases will be arranged in alphabetical order to make it easier to find information on selected disease entities. We would like it to be possible to post links on our site to materials we develop – for UEP members and EAP.
  • We are starting  to record short animation about the comittee.
  • Proposals for scientific  publication – in the future.
  • Next meeting –Antalya.

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Our Partners

UEP Office | Veneranda Klegr |Association Development Manager | GUARANT International |Českomoravská 19, 190 00 | Prague

E: uep-office@phoniatrics.eu