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The Medical Specialty for Communication and Swallowing Disorders

The UEP-UEMS Phoniatrics Logbook

The starting point of this logbook is to introduce the various areas of Phoniatrics within which a training programme can be tailored to meet the national and local demands as well as when ever possible the special interests of the trainee. After all, it is the great versatility of our discipline that has offered fascinating challenges for many generations before us and, no doubt, also will for those to come.

Phoniatrics training differs from country to another. In addition, the status of Phoniatrics also differs being independent specialty and in some times a subspeciality of Otorhinolaryngology.

Accordingly, the logbook was made to cover all aspect that can be part of Phoniatrics. However, based on each country’s system some parts of the logbook can be left out.

The supervisor has to follow up the trainee’s progress and development of the contents of the training together with the trainee and other tutors.

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