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The UEP founded the European Academy of Phoniatrics (EAP) as a subsidiary of the UEP. The UEP President, Antoinette am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, played the leading role. She initiated and prepared the EAP foundation with the support of the UEP board, the national UEP coordinators, and a delegate from IAPA.

Before that, at the IFOS congress in Seoul in 2013, the UEP president and the 1. UEMS representative of UEP talked with thedecisive representatives of the European ENT bodies, namely, Marc Remacle, President of CEORL-HNS, Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen, President of EAORL-HNS, and Karl Hörmann, President of the ENT Section of UEMS. They, thankfully, were very pleased with this plan. Furthermore, Reidar Grenman, the former President of CEORL-HNS, supported the idea.

The purpose of the EAP was to have a phoniatric academy that supports the UEP in organising new multinational networks and building up organisational structuresand European quality standards on medical training and practice to endeavour the best phoniatric patient care.

Participants from 11 different countries of Europe and the Near East took part in the foundation assemblyon 6th September 2013 in the RWTH Aachen University (Germany), the Medical School of the first EAP President, Christiane Neuschäfer‑Rube.

Members of the founding board were Christiane Neuschäfer-Rube, president, Aachen, Germany; Virginie Woisard, vice-president, Toulouse, France; Ekaterina Osipenko, general secretary, Moscow, Russia, and Ahmed Geneid, treasurer, Helsinki, Finland in the 1. year, then Gauthier Desuter, Brussels, Belgium.

Founding Members of the European Academy of Phoniatrics, Aachen, Germany, 6th September 2013 (left to right)

Josef Schlömicher-Thier, Felix de Jong, Ken Roslau, Marie-Louise Barrenäs, František Šram, Christiane Neuschäfer-Rube, Sabine Wasser (hidden behind Jürgen Wendler), Jürgen Wendler, Ahmed Geneid, Antonio Schindler, Dirk Frölich, Katrin Neumann, Nasser Kotby, Antoinette am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, Jakub Dršata, Bożena Wiskirska-Woźnica, Philippe Dejonckere, Gauthier Desuter, Matthias Weikert, Ekaterina Osipenko, Mette Pedersen, Ute Pröschel, Stanisław Klajman

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